Pricing Policy

Prices charged will be the price listed on the Website at the time of Woodslane’s acceptance of the order for the products unless otherwise agreed between Woodslane and you.

Note that delivery charges are shown separately.

Customers with promotion codes must log-in to view discounted pricing.

If Woodslane discovers an error in the prices, we will inform you as soon as possible and give you the option of either continuing with the order for the affected products at the correct price or cancelling the affected element of the order. Any monies paid in advance for any such cancelled products shall be refunded by Woodslane.

Payment is due at the time you place the order unless otherwise agreed in writing with Woodslane. Woodslane will not dispatch any orders until it receives payment in full and in cleared funds for that order. Woodslane retains title in all products supplied until such time as Woodslane has been paid for all products it has supplied to you in full and in cleared funds.

If you have any further queries please e-mail us at