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GPS Vehicle Navigation in Australia 2/e

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ISBN: 9781876296384
Author: Pepper, Robert
Published: 20/09/2007
Format: Paperback (247mm X 170mm) 243 pages
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About the Author
Table of Contents
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This totally revised edition of GPS Vehicle Navigation in Australia brings the reader the most up-to-date detailed information on GPS systems, equipment, software, accessories and user techniques. GPS Vehicle Navigation in Australia is written for both the novice and experienced Australian GPS. GPS guru Robert Pepper explains in plain English what the Global Positioning System is and how it works. Robert also details how to utilise your GPS unit for navigation, how to use it with your laptop computer or PDA, how your GPS works with moving map software and answers many of the most frequently asked questions about this technology. Packed with illustrations, GPS Vehicle Navigation in Australia, details how GPS users can dramatically increase the usefulness of their GPS receiver with simple, but effective techniques.

Robert Pepper is a freelance motoring driver trainer based in Melbourne, specialising in offroad vehicles and navigation. He has had over 400 articles published in 16 magazines and newspapers in Australia and around the world and has twice judged the annual awards for Overlander 4WD magazine.

Robert is closely involved in the 4WD club movement at several levels from leading trips ranging from day journeys to outback treks, organsing events such as abandoned vehicle recovery days and helping form responses to industry and government changes affecting offroaders.

Robert is also a senior instructor with 4WD Victoria, and has rewritten the basic training course, created a towing course and written an advanced vehicles course from scratch. He also trains commercially, and has contributed to and reviewed the Australian national 4WD training standards.

Prior to his involvement in offroading Robert was a private pilot with an interest in aerobatics. He has an interest in most things with wings, wheels or sails.

  • Introduction
  • Section 1: Why GPS?
  • Section 2: How GPS Works
  • Section 3: Maps, Grids and Datums
  • Section 4: GPS in Practice
  • Section 5: GPS Equipment
  • Section 6: Using a Computer with a GPS Receiver
  • Section 7: GPS and PDAs
  • Section 8:¬†Moving Maps - Computers and Maps on the Move
  • Section 9: Setting Up a Vehicle for GPS navigation
  • Section 10: Planning a Trip
  • Section 11: Out in the Field
  • Section 12: Other Fun Things to do with a GPS Receiver
  • Section 13: Navigation Competitions and GPS
  • Section 14: Quick Reference Guide
  • Section 15: Appendices
  • Section 16: Index
  • Companion Website
  • Credits and Thanks
  • Your Receivers Quick Reference Guide
  • About the¬†Author